Our website redesign was a smooth process. WJD Designs used industry data to make recommendations but also used our vision to create the end package. We could be as involved as we want to be, knowing that if we backed off the job would get done to top-of-the-line standards.

Amanda Petrucelli

Director of Marketing

New Design Gallery


Increased Pageviews


Increased Time on Page


Decreased Bounce Rate


Increased Search


Decreased Load Times

The results above speak for themselves. With the help of some excellent marketing campaigns and techniques, we were able to make sure HCE’s customers not only were sent to the website but stayed longer while converting. Even though our past design implementation ran quickly, we were able to squeeze an additional 7% in page speed with better code management as well as new server standards. Not only were people happy to be on the site they were staying there longer with fewer hops on pages, and that means they got the information they needed. Of course, as we said, we can’t take all the credit for the traffic but without a good place to go your traffic will be less likely to convert. Now that HCE has a website that brings in more customers than before they are finding more ways to increase sales with different website modules as well as provide better customer interaction. Will the help of WJD Designs HCE has been able to add online chat for their customers as well as providing customers with the products that help keep their maintenance and cost down.

Home Comfort Experts also knows that websites are never finished and that is why HCE has signed up for our great website maintenance plans. With the help of our staff, we can evolve the website every month while making sure to reduce any website vulnerabilities. Not only have we developed a website and a constant plan for change we also produced a relationship that can only bring success. Thank you Home Comfort Experts for trusting us with the keys to your site!

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