The Brief

We were contacted by Boys and Girls club of Elkhart County (BGCE) to help create a website that had a list of mandatory systems. They (BGCE) needed a better way to receive and manage membership registrations from parents of the community. When a parent registers their child they fill out a multi-page form that will conditionally show options depending on what they selected during the form. This form would also present them with a package based on their selection that consists of a membership, add-ons, and discounts. The parent will also get a total which they can pay for at the end of the form. Once the registration is complete they are added as a user in their own dashboard where they can see their child’s registration cards as well as see what memberships they subscribed to. This one form is used during both seasons and will change the questions depending on the season. Along with an advanced membership system we added two different directory systems for the clubs and KidsCare clubs where administration can manage each club information and events with ease. We also added in an easy to use crowdfunding system so that the community can donate money towards experiences for the children.

We were able to get every system implemented that BGCE needed as well as improve the customer journey and administration experience.

We had very specific needs and some of our requests were complex.
WJD Designs was patient and worked to make sure everything was done the way we requested (sometimes better).

Jim Pinkerton

Director of Marketing

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