Look around you. Everything changes. everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing, and changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.

-Dr. Steve Mataboli

The Evolution

It’s time to evolve. WJD Designs has been in the design and development community for quite some time and during that time we have tried to evolve our business in many ways. We always tell our customers to make sure their branding doesn’t become stale and to change things up once in a while, it’s time we do the same.

The first thing on our list of changes was our domain. A long time ago we let our original .com domain expire and did not renew until it was too late. We were confident it would not be an issue since we had a pretty unique domain name that more than likely wouldn’t be used by another business. During the time the domain was in limbo a domain squatting registrar picked it up and tried to sell it back to us for a ridiculous amount of money. This is the reason we moved to .net and kept forging ahead. Over time we monitored the price of the domain and noticed a trend in the price dropping little by little. Years later the price had dropped so low it becomes an issue with competition buying it instead of us, so we had to act quickly. Finally, over a long period of time, the .com domain and WJD Designs were back together at last. The .net domain will still work for our email and domain but our primary domain will always be .com. We ask for your patience while we transition our system and services to the new domain.

All About the Brand

At the beginning of our brand’s introduction, we were focused on providing design across the world. We wanted to make this apparent in our branding and to do this we incorporated Earth into our logo design. The logo started off with a simple idea where we relied on showing off our design effects to our customers via our logo design. While we grew, we noticed that the more we used our logo in promotional places the harder it was to make it work with certain designs. We heard the “Keep it Simple” suggestion and ignored it so we can be a bit more flashy. In time the simple approach made more sense so we evolved the logo to have fewer colors, a more modern design, and better on the eyes no matter what size. We kept the earth logo to keep the consistency of design while simplifying the overall look. This turned out to be the logo you have all seen up until now.

The Logo

We wanted to keep the structure of the old logo and removed the earth component. We are still working with clients across the globe but are starting to focus more on our local customers. We want to remove ourselves from that box and put us in an open space where the logo is flexible and free of definition. This new design can be adaptive in many ways and will look good on everything from embroidery to billboards. We left the past of our flashy effects and moved towards something that can be timeless without looking too minimalistic.

We have always had an outer space/sci-fi theme to our branding since the owner Wayne is kind of a geek when it comes to that stuff. We removed the modern font style and went towards a more futuristic font choice to bring back that spacey feel. Getting back to our roots while still progressing the design was a huge goal and we think we nailed it. Thank you to those of you who helped with our focus group, without you it would be much harder to move forward with our next stage of evolution.

The Wrap Up

You’ll be seeing more and more changes in time from WJD Designs. We want to keep learning and progressing while giving our clients the services and relationships they deserve. The stronger we become the stronger our customers become. We have a lot of great things happening behind the scenes and we believe 2020 will be our best year yet!

Referral Program

We would love to help you out if you can help us out. We have a referral program for many of our services and are looking for new customers daily. Sure we can spend thousands in marketing and bypass you but then how do you make some extra cash? There are several businesses out there who desperately need websites and we would love to help them out. We know you have a lot of friends and some of them may own businesses that might benefit from our services.

Ready to take the next steps? Let us know how we can help!