Business Cards

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What is a silk laminated business card? They are premium business cards that provide an elegant and stylish look and feel to them. We apply a silk lamination to both sides of the card which helps prevent chipping and cracking along the edges.

Plus, these laminated cards are water and tear-resistant making them a stylish choice. Make a great impression with silk cards. You have the option to include Stamped Foil and Spot UV.

Add clear Spot UV to highlight specific areas of your business card design such as images, logos graphic patterns, or text.

They are offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and printing options (rounded corners) to make your silk laminated business cards one-of-a-kind. Are you looking to spice up the design? Stand out from the competition with folded business cards.


Make a powerful and lasting first impression with our Raised Spot UV, Raised Foil or Holographic business cards. Include in your design to highlight text, images, design patterns or even photos. The depth of Raised Spot UV and Foil is 50 microns, allowing you to feel them.

Custom business cards are a reflection of you and your brand. Choose from a variety of sizes and printing options to create an eye-catching card. It’s time to take your brand to the next level with one-of-a-kind Raised Spot UV, and Raised Foil (Silver or Gold) business cards.

Dazzle customer and colleagues with Holographic Foil Business Cards. The Holographic foil is digitally printed on our premium Velvet laminated card stock. You have the option to include foil printing on one or both sides of the card.


These semi-opaque plastic cards provide a slight textured and cloudy look to them. Grab peoples attention easily with 20PT plastic cards, a unique option from standard paper stock.


Make your brand pop while leaving a lasting impression with 20PT Clear business cards. These cards are also called transparent business cards.


Leave a lasting impression with our White plastic business cards. They are printed on durable and firm 20PT white plastic that’s slightly thinner than a standard credit card.

*All colors that are printed on clear or frosted cards will be transparent.


Business cards are a reflection of you and your brand. You’ll want to make sure you create a powerful first impression. This can be done by choosing our Matte Business Card, providing a high-end look at an affordable price! They offer a smooth and non-glossy look, making them a popular choice.

These elegant and stylish cards are printed on your choice of premium 14PT or slightly thicker 16PT card stock. Choose from a variety of sizes to make them truly one-of-a-kind including the option for folded business cards.

You have the option to add clear Spot UV ( also called Spot Gloss) to highlight specific areas of your design such as images, logos graphic patterns, or text.


Make a great first impression and demand attention with our Velvet business cards. Also called Suede business cards, they offer a velvety and rich feeling like no other any card stock.

We apply a thick velvet lamination to help protect the card while making them durable. Select from a variety of sizes and options including adding rounded corners and Spot UV.

Business cards continue to be a great marketing tool for any business as they are a reflection of you and your business. Turn heads with our laminated cards.


Professionals seeking to showcase their creative and playful personality should look no further. Give your business and brand a customized look, unlike any other card.

You can create a lasting impression and a wow-effect while turning heads with our premium painted edge business cards.

Business cards continue to be a useful marketing tool and are a reflection of you and your business. Create an impact and bold statement with thick business cards with colored edges.


Take your business card to the next level with Foil Printing. Not sure which foil color to select? Our Inline Foil business cards (also known as cold foil or aqua foil) provides you with unlimited foil colors.

Enhance your design by adding Spot UV. It’s a clear shiny varnish, slightly raised which can be applied to highlight logos, images, text or graphic patterns.

Elevate your business and brand by selecting inline foil business cards. Make a great first impression with these vibrant cards. Select from a variety of printing options and sizes to truly make your business card one-of-a-kind.


Add shine to your design and make a powerful first impression and statement with premium Glossy Business Cards.

They’re our most budget-friendly cards. These UV coated business cards are durable, reliable, and with the extra shine, they allow your colors and images and look sharp and vibrant making them pop off the card.

Get noticed and become more memorable with a coated business card! The little details can make all the difference. Choose from a large selection of sizes and printing options.