Meet Our Founder

Wayne Drescher

Hailing from Mishawaka, Indiana, Wayne’s passion for design and technology blossomed early, with computers almost serving as extended family members. Beginning his journey at School City of Mishawaka (IT), he wasn’t just surrounded by tech; he was immersed in it, setting the stage for a vibrant digital career.

His evolution saw him don the hat of Media Director for a local foundry. Here, he polished his self-taught design acumen, mastering product photography, print design, video production, and the intricacies of trade show marketing.

But Wayne’s ambitions knew no bounds. Joining a large radio station conglomerate, he swiftly advanced to the esteemed position of Creative Director. This role saw him orchestrating the aesthetics for countless radio events and promotions.

Yet, the entrepreneurial bug bit hard. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Wayne founded WJD Designs, turning his vision into a reality. Now, he crafts web wonders and produces standout creatives for clients from coast to coast. Ready to embark on a digital journey with Wayne?

Some of Our Skills