Version 1 WE DESIGN

Before WJD Designs, we used an out-of-town company that couldn’t respond quickly to changes in the market and always seemed to be trying to sell us more and more. WJD has staff on hand at any time of the day and quickly makes changes to our site. They often call to explain complex technical issues and to be sure we understand before making a decision. Additionally, they do industry research to stay up to date on optimization and make recommendations. Pricing is fair, and staff even recommend ways to save money. When we needed a face-to-face meeting, they were willing to travel to us to present to senior management and helped research and select numerous plugins for our site, saving us loads of time and money. Our plan includes several hours of design time that, on months we don’t use it, WJD lets me know and tells me how they can round out the hours to make our site better and more user friendly. It looks and works great with fast speeds. Thanks WJD!


Director of Marketing